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       M GLOVES is a hygienic plastic gloves made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with guaranteed quality from Japan. It is easy to use as it fits to the hands of user. M GLOVES can not only be applied in food industry, but also good for general usage purposes.

M GLOVES Offers 

  • Soft and comfort : LDPE resin property makes gloves soften. It provides comfort and fit in various usage.

  • Tearing resistance : Gloves are stretch, durable and hard to tear off.

  • Various usage :It can be applied for car washing, gardening, coloring hair purpose. 


Size S Color Clear 100 pcs

M Glove S B

Size S Color Blue 100 pcs

M Glove L B

Size L Color Blue 100 pcs

M Glove S Y

Size S Color Clear 50 pcs

M Glove S24

Size S

Color Clear

24 pcs

M Glove L24

Size L

Color Clear

24 pcs

M Glove L50

Size L

Color Clear

50 pcs

How to order

       Please kindly drop your enquiries in the box, then our export sales will respond within 48 hours

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